My Coffee Barn - Sumatra Stall - Single Origin Dark Roast

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Some of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees are grown in Sumatra and called Mandheling, Ankola, and Lintong, these unique coffees are distinguished by their heavy body, earthy flavor profile and low acidity.

With a body as full as any premium coffees, Sumatra Mandheling is frequently described as syrupy. Despite a subdued acidity the tastes are complex and intense, and a chocolate sweet flavor often holds earthy undertones. Notes of licorice may also be present.

Sumatra coffee captures the wild jungle essence of this tropical Indonesian island. Delicious Sumatran coffee is creamy, sweet with a touch of butterscotch, and spice. Before roasting, the green coffee beans of Sumatran coffee are a beautiful deep blue green color with the appearance of jade. 

My Coffee Barn Sumatra is classic and among the very best of coffee. Bold and rich in flavor with extraordinary full body with a low-key acidity ending in a buttery chocolate aftertaste.

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